Stormshield Breach Fighter

A Stormshield Breach Fighter felhő alapú hálózatos sandboxing megoldása Premium UTM előfizetés vagy Kaspersky antivírus előfizetés mellé rendelhető merevlemezzel rendelkező Stormshield tűzfalakhoz.

A Stormshield Breach Fighter, a Stormshield saját fejlesztésű-, felhő alapú-, tűzfalhoz kapcsolt Sandboxing megoldása, mely az SN500, vagy nagyobb merevlemezzel rendelkező modellekhez érhető el, illetve 2017-től a legkisebb tűzfalak utódjaira is (SN160, SN210, SN310).

The new, Cloud-based sandboxing solution, the Stormshield Breach Fighter. The important details:
- It is an additional layer of security against new, yet unknown threats (and APT malware)
- It works by uploading the suspicious file to Stormshield’s datacenter for Airbus’ own sandboxing analysis. 3 Airbus Cybersecurity datacenters located all in the European Union. The sandboxing technology itself is based on Stormshield Endpoint Security.
- It works on any protocol (HTTP, SMTP, SSL encrypted traffic, Proxies etc.) where Stormshield’s Kaspersky antivirus works too
- Customers must have Premium or Kaspersky license first, Breach Fighter is an additional cost
- Requires a hard drive (SN500 and higher models, or virtual firewalls)

The new Breach Fighter datasheet explains how the scanning works, and it also shows the global reputation network of all SNS devices working together to compare hash codes of malware binaries. Breach Fighter will be great addition to customers worried about APTs and customized malware threats. Compared with FireEye and other sandboxing vendor prices, it is simply a must-have addition!

- You can get 30-day, risk-free trial keys for any Stormshield firewall that has a hard-drive and a valid subscription. Please just ask us for trials. Customers with regular UTM pack can buy Kaspersky + Breach Figther together, while Premium pack customers only need the Breach Fighter addition.

További információ: Stormshield-EN-Breach-Fighter-Datasheet-201606


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